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Pension Release In Spain

Pennick Blackwell are Independent financial advisors with over a decade of experience within the Spanish and UK financial sector. All our advisors are fully qualified and regulated to UK standards.  Our unique approach helps to advise clients and tailor all their financial requirements to meet their own specific needs.

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At Pennick Blackwell we don’t offer you our opinion, we give you the facts. We explain them clearly and then you decide what to do, it’s your money, money you’ve worked hard for.

How We Can Help You Understand QROPS and UK Pension Transfers.

It’s a fact that increasing numbers of Britons are choosing to retire abroad, and since the introduction of QROPS in 2006, many Britons have the opportunity to free up their UK pension from the restrictions of the British taxation and pension systems. However, with this uniquely beneficial pension transfer opportunity comes the burden of understanding whether a QROPS is the right choice for you personally. We have arranged to provide a free pension analysis for you, compiled by industry experts, to show you how you can save large amounts of tax, protected from IHT and improve the growth of your Pension. Many factors come into play when assessing whether an individual is best advised to transfer their pension or not, which is why it is critical that you receive qualified advice before making any decision or taking any action.

Remember this is your pension and you need to think about your needs for now and in the future.


The benefits of being in control of your pension funds for those living abroad are immense.