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Consolidate your finances in a single, secure place to build your wealth on the right foundations. Our solutions go far beyond what is traditionally provided by a wealth advisory firm. If you are looking to maintain investment flexibility, grow your wealth and enjoy improved performance with complete transparency on fees, then this could be for you. No longer do expatriates have to put up with long term contractual savings plans and opaque insurance bonds loaded with poorly performing funds.

The “Cláusula Suelo” (Floor Clause literally translated) was a means by which Spanish financial institutions continued to charge a higher rate of interest than would otherwise apply if they were to follow the Euribor Rate.
On the 9th of May 2013, the Spanish Supreme Court issued a ruling which in effect said that ‘such contracts lack clarity and transparency’ and that the clauses were hidden deep in an ‘overwhelming amount of data’ saying that although not ‘illegal’, the practice is ‘immoral’.

Ensure you have the most money at the time of our life when you most need it, by taking advice on structuring your existing pensions from a qualified and authorised pension transfer specialist. We are committed to exporting best practice in everything we do, and this is critical when it comes to advising you on your retirement and passing on your wealth to others into the future.

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